I am curious, as a collector, what your thoughts are about whether there should be a World’s Fair of Money Show in Pittsburgh this summer, as is planned by the ANA.

If they hold the show, do you plan to attend?

If you don’t plan to attend, how would you like to see the coin business move forward during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Are you content to do transactions online with your favorite dealers, or is there something different or more that could be done to help facilitate your coin collecting endeavors?

I would love to hear your take on all of these matters.  Please call or text me at 508-513-8383 if you would like to chat, or email your comments to me at liz@lizcoggan.com.

It is my desire to make coin collecting as easy, fun and rewarding as possible.  Your feedback helps make that a reality.

In the meantime, Happy Hunting!

Liz Coggan

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