It’s ALL about the commission, right? WRONG!
Keys to Success:
Trustworthy representation: Why, you ask? Who better to navigate the mine field of liquidation than a professional who has worked for one of the largest and well known auction firms in the country as well as spending 25 years as the Senior Numismatist of one of the oldest coin shops and first class retail establishments in the nation? There is a lot of be said for EXPERIENCE. I have seen the inner workings of an auction house and have been the head buyer for a major retailer for many years. I know the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW answers to the questions regarding the sale of your coins. I know how to obtain the highest possible prices for YOU.
One Size Does NOT Fit All: There may be several ways to sell your collection and obtain the highest price for each coin. This is where my market knowledge, and relationship with collectors and dealers comes into play. To sell coins successfully, you need to know the “players”. Does that mean selling at auction, to want list clients, or consigning to a retail website and ebay store? YES TO ALL. I will review the collection and make recommendations as to the best avenue for each coin. You will be a part of this decision-making process.
Examples of deals I have brokered: I helped assist the owner of an amazing collection of Buffalo Nickels; Barber and Standing Liberty quarters and other rarties, sell his coins at auction in multiple sales; I facilitated the sale, on consignment, of an incredible collection of Gem PCGS Mercury Dimes, Walking Liberty Halves and Proof Gold for a collector; additionally, I helped a well-known collector sell his Everyman Registry, PCGS graded Barber Half Dollar collection at the height of the market for the series, netting him fantastic results. I can go on, but you get the idea.
Knowledge: It can’t be bought, it is obtained through years of hard work. Wouldn’t you want me to protect your interests and work hard on your behalf for the best possible outcome? I will negotiate your contract for you, if your coins are sold at auction. We all like to think we are pretty savvy when it comes to handling our affairs, but there is a reason why there are professionals in every industry,
Trade Secrets, I don’t want to give away all of my strategy in this email, so if you are looking to sell, please call 508-513-8383 or email me with what you have. We can discuss your coins and set a course to achieve the best possible results for you. I look forward to hearing from you.
What’s one of the great privileges of being a dealer in the business for over 35 years? Helping collectors assemble first rate collections. Here are a few highlights:


  • In the 1980s and 1990s I helped a midwest collector assemble, and later sell at auction, the Double CC Ranch Collection of Carson City Mint gold which was complete from half eagles through double eagles. We spent years painstakingly pursuing the finest quality for the grade we could find. One of the collection highlights was the 1876-CC Eliasberg Collection half eagle in Gem condition, (PICTURES COURTESY OF STACKS BOWERS)
  • I have worked with a fine New York gentleman now for decades (he is in his nineties), on just about every US collection there is. From Indian Head cents to $10 Indians. Back before slabs he put together raw collections housed in Capital plastics holders. One of the highlights is a Gem quality set of Mercury Dimes. Today we are simultaneously working on an AU Barber quarter collection, a gem set of Proof three cent nickels, and a lovely collection of Gem Proof Buffalo nickels. We are also just one coin away from completing a cherry Liberty Head nickel collection.
  • Recently I have been working with a West Coast collector who is putting together an outstanding collection of United States type coins. One of the nicest coins for the grade I sold him recently was a 1797 Draped Bust half dollar in PCGS Good-6 condition which is absolutely perfect for the grade!
I could site hundreds of nice collections I have helped to assemble.
What I have done for others I can do for you. Nothing beats experience, market knowledge, a good reputation, integrity, and the vast resources to find the best coins. Give me a call today. Let’s discuss how I can help you assemble the collection of your dreams. You can reach me via email at or on the phone at 508-513-8383. I look forward to working with you!
Collecting Tips
Buy the Best You Can Afford
Buy the Nicest Coin for the Grade
Whether you have deep pockets, or you save up every month to buy coins for your collection, this tip applies to EVERYONE. Buy the best quality you can afford. Equally important, buy the nicest example for that grade you can find.
I’ve made a career of helping countless collectors achieve these two goals with marked success and satisfaction, as well as fantastic results when it came time to sell.
Your Dream Collection Can Start Today. Call me at 508-513-8383 to discuss options or email me at