You will often hear me laughing and enjoying my time with collectors and other dealers while conducting business at coins shows.  Having a helpful, kind and engaging personality are all crucial to a successful business, especially ours that requires comfort and trust between buyer and seller.

I have endeavored to share what I have learned by contributing information to numerous books, including pricing data to the Guide Book of United States Coinage (the Bible of numismatics), since 1999.  When last I looked, I am the only female price contributor to this esteemed work.I find it enjoyable to learn about coins, after all, they are fascinating pieces of history with a story to tell and secrets to give away, which is why I enjoy learning about varieties and discovering new ones!

Additionally, I have written articles and done video interviews to help expand understanding to collectors on how to sell their coins, what it is like to be a minority owner in the coin business; articles on favorite series, and the like.

I enjoy working with and helping promote other women within the numismatic industry both and collectors and dealers, which is why I have an active role in WOMEN OF NUMISMATICS as a mentor, advisor and teacher regarding education of both numismatic interests as well as starting and running a coin business. Additionally, I am assisting with advertising and marketing of the organization.

Read my full resumé here.


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