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Tips to Building A DREAM collection

What’s one of the great privileges of being a dealer in the business for over 35 years? Helping collectors assemble first rate collections. Here are a few highlights:   In the 1980s and 1990s I helped a midwest collector assemble, and later sell at auction, the Double CC Ranch Collection of Carson City Mint gold […]

What Will We Do If There Is No ANA Show?

I am curious, as a collector, what your thoughts are about whether there should be a World’s Fair of Money Show in Pittsburgh this summer, as is planned by the ANA. If they hold the show, do you plan to attend? If you don’t plan to attend, how would you like to see the coin […]

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Hi:  I am aggressively buying CAC graded coins, both circulated and uncirculated in all series.  Please offer me what you have for sale. Lightening fast checks and top dollar paid for choice coins.  Call or text 508-513-8383 or email me at liz@lizcoggan.com to discuss your holdings.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Web Enhancements

As you have probably seen, if you visit our website with any regularity, we are making some changes that we hope will make viewing our coins easier and a fun experience. Our first step was to add high resolution images.  From there we are revamping the site so it will be more informative and visually […]


My Favorite Series Draped Bust Dimes 1796-1807

Although a short-lived series of just 10 years (there was no dime coined for the years 1799 and 1806), the series packs a powerful punch of numismatic interest and challenge to complete. In this series you will find two different reverse designs–the Small Eagle reverse found on coins dated 1796 and 1797 and the Heraldic […]