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DenomPCGS #DateMintServiceGradeNumSuffSerial #CACRetailDescription    
Colonials2961787PCGSVF3581751366795Massachusetts. Free of detracting marks. Even, chocolate brown coloration. Sharp design details.
Half Cent18011805F15+175Sm 5. No Stems. Clean, warm brown fields. Sharp details. So close to VF overall
Half Cent11041807VF25Details175Sharp strike. Glossy brown fields. Light scratches noted for accuracy.
Half Cent11041807VF30259Sharp legend and design detials throughout. Rich brown fields are nicely preserved
Half Cent11071808VF30269Terrific, bold strike. Rich, glossy brown color.
Half Cent11411825NGCMS624631857-0041495Tough to find in higher mint state grades. This example sports a lovely soft tan coloration over highly lustrous fields and keenly defined motifs. Pleasing in every regard.
Half Cent11501828NGCAU584631697-013CAC90012 stars. CAC stickered. Wow, what a beauty. Full mint bloom and cartwheel luster grace, clean tan fields. Sharp devices. Tough to find in this grade without spots or blemishes.
Half Cent11471828AU5517913 stars. Pleasing type set addition. Ice blue toning accents grace light brown fields. Well struck.
Large Cent13801795PCGSVG835548457775Plain Edge. What an awesome, well struck and centered example of the date and type. Lovely, soft brown fields are well preserved and complement sharp motifs and legends. Really choice.
Large Cent14821803NGCVG104669045-055195Very bold legend and design. Rich brown fields. An old time scratch is noted in Liberty's hair.
Large Cent15491810PCIVG10777117006289A short lived series for the Classic Head design from 1808-1814. 1810 is a tough date to find. This example looks Fine detail-wise, but was probably lightly cleaned long ago, in our opinion.
Large Cent15731814PCGSEF4599710472695PQ. Cr 4. This coin should be in an AU-50 graded holder, at least. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. If not for the subdued, frosty luster, this coin would be in an AU holder. Exceptionally well struck. Rich, chocolate brown fields. Well centered design elements. Choice in every way. A prize for the fussiest collector.
Large Cent16151820PCGSAU5837698204599Lg Date. Bold strike. Satiny, cartwheel luster is present over light brown fields. A stripe of darker brown toning runs from in front of the bust over the tops of the digits to the 12th star.
Large Cent17291837PCGSAU5835718128389Head of 38. Terrific strike, luster and soft brown color. Choice in every way.
Large Cent17511839PCGSVF3581125100199Booby Head. A popular variety and this coin is a sharp, attractive example with chestnut brown fields accenting bold motifs.
Large Cent18231840MS63BN950SD. Glossy, soft tan fields exhibit satinlike luster and accent keenly struck motifs. Gorgeous.
Small Cent20201858ANACSVF20533626849Sm Letters. Sharp strike
Small Cent20581860EF4575Well struck. Tan surfaces.
Small Cent20671863PCGSMS6435424949360Frosty luster. Bold strike with nice headdress detail. Spot-free. Nice.
Small Cent20791864LPCGSVF3036031174169Strong LIBERTY. Soft brown surfaces.
Small Cent20701864MS63310CN. Golden toning graces light tan fields. Keenly struck motifs.
Small Cent920831865Plain 5NGCMS64RB4879717-002539RB. CAC stickered. Plain 5. Gorgeous deep red and brown color over satinlike surfaces. Tons of mint luster and bloom. Bold strike and spot-free. Lovely!
Small Cent1869/9EF40595Popular overdate. Light to medium brown fields. Sharp details.
Small Cent20941869NGCVF252040060-009259Scarce date. Soft brown fields are mark-free.
Small Cent21031872PCGSVF2536857052275Sharp strike. Pleasing, glossy brown surfaces. Better date.
Small Cent21211875EF40+135S-6. Heavy dielines. Even tan fields. Sharp.
Small Cent21151873S-1PCGSVF3512418401CAC2395CAC stickered. Doubled LIBERTY on the headband. Sharp headdress and design elements. Really pleasing eye appeal. Soft brown surfaces. Choice in every way. An issue we have not handled for quite some time.
Small Cent21271877PCGSEF45812074082395The series key. This glossy brown piece has very clean, soft brown fields. Pleasing detail.
Small Cent21301878NGCEF454877934-020235A tough date to find. Glossy luster over sharp devices.
Small Cent21311878AU58RB319RB. Gorgeous eye appeal. Lots of red throughout. Sharp.
Small Cent21451883NGCMS61BN4877934-01555Pretty wisps of pastel toning.
Small Cent23361883PCGSPR64BN32648992CAC349BN. CAC stickered. Resplendent fields are toned in vibrant electric blue and violet overtones. Gorgeous
Small Cent21541886T-IICGMS64BN6912855701449BN. +. T-I. Lovely glossy brown surfaces exhibit a ton of mint bloom and luster and are graced by a halo of mint red. Great strike and eye appeal.
Small Cent923461886PCGSPR65RB94799641995T-II. Tough to find in this lofty state of preservation. Just 4,290 Proofs were coined. Gorgeous purple and rose toning grace highly mirrored fields. Choice in every way. Housed in an old green PCGS holder.
Small Cent375281887NGCAU58BN4838659-001CAC1195FS-101. CAC stickerd. Doubled Die Obverse. Gorgeous, glossy, chestnut brown fields. Bold doubling present in the legend. Sharp strike. A prize for the variety specialist.
Small Cent21721889NGCAU58`2679840-08159Four full diamonds. Mark on the cheek.
Small Cent21721889MS64BN150BN. Generous amounts of mint red accent satinlike fields. Nice.
Small Cent21841893MS64BN130BN. Razor sharp strike. Frosty fields.
Small Cent21871894PCGSMS64BN30446535179BN. Lots of red highlights over frosty luster. Bold strike.
Small Cent375971897NCGAU502664910-004290FS-401 Misplaced digit with the 1 in neck. 4 full diamonds. Soft tan fields. Frosty luster. A bold rendition of this popular variety.
Small Cent21961897NGCMS64BN703358-00384BN. Lots of mint red in protected areas. Well struck and spot-free.
Small Cent21961897NGCMS64RB4922768-009175RB. A spot-free, well struck, frosty and lustrous example of the issue with tons of mint red present. Choice.
Small Cent22141903NGCMS63BN4877934-01269BN. Mint red highlights. Cartwheel luster
Small Cent22381909SNGCMS62BN4728803-0021100Indian. BN. What a terrific example of this last year issue in the Indian cent series and one of only two dates struck at the San Francisco Mint. Gorgeous, highly lustrous, frosty, soft tan fields are accented by wisps of gold. Sharp strike.
Small Cent24321909SNGCMS63BN4671551-001325Lincoln. BN. Soft tan surfaces exhibit full mint bloom. Well struck
Small Cent924321909S/Hor SAU55229S/Horizontal S. Soft tan fields. Sharp details.
Small Cent24891916DNGCMS65BN4728488-050489BN. Beautiful ice blue, violet and golden orange toning accent warm brown fields. Sharp strike. Lovely.
Small Cent24921916SNGCMS63BN4728488-045189BN. Razor sharp motifs. Lustrous, glossy brown fields exhibit lovely lilac and ice blue toning highlights.
Small Cent24281909S VDBPCGSMS65RD28132314895RD. A blazing red with deep red luster over satinlike surfaces and razor sharp design details. Spot-free. Very choice.
Small Cent27261944D/SPCGSEF455405904179Popular overmintmark variety. Great strike.
Small Cent28251955Dbld DieNGCAU53BN4671902-0051495Doubled Die Obverse. PQ. Very choice and eye appealing. Frosty, subdued mint luster graces well struck motifs and clean fields. Nice.
Three Cent Silver36651851OPCGSMS64378764521750Popular solo year that a three-cent silver issue was struck at a branch mint. Mint bloom and luster are graced by wisps of gold toning. Nice detail.
Three Cent Silver36721856NGCMS62657276-012469T-II. Frosty luster is toned in golden hues. Nice detail.
Three Cent Silver36871867NGCMS614844618-0232350PQ. What a looker! Frosty, well struck central design elements are surrounded by lustrous fields toned in a vibrant halo of iridescent toning. Low mintage date and hard to find nice. Hurry, it won't last!
Liberty Nickel38441883AU58115WC. Frosty lsuter. Well struck.
Liberty Nickel38461885PCGSG635918126345The series key. Full rimsl Free of detracting marks.
Liberty Nickel38751912SVF30449Full LIBERTY on the headband. Soft silver gray fields. Well preserved. Key date.
Buffalo Nickel39331916SPCGSEF458130876589Terrific strike. Frosty luster. Light steel gray toning.
Buffalo Nickel39371918PCGSMS6436238119599PQ. Claims to MS-65. Very well struck. Lustrous and eye appealing.
Buffalo Nickel39431919SANACSEF455295475249Nice full horn and sharp details. Soft gray color.
Buffalo Nickel39501923SPCGSEF4032802477229Sharp strike. Frosty luster is toned light gray.
Buffalo Nickel39521924DNGCAU504728488-019319Wow! A fantastic strike on a notoriously weak issue. Frosty luster is toned in pearl gray hues. Really choice.
Buffalo Nickel39551925DPCGSEF4536744895219Bold legend, date and horn. Original, steel gray toning.
Buffalo Nickel39591926SPCGSVF3027215829275Residual luster is noted in protected areas. Light golden toning. 3/4 horn.
Buffalo Nickel39591926SPCGSEF4035712525825Split tail, 3-D horn and strong hair and braid detail. Really PQ for the grade. Looks EF-45. Toned in soft gold and pearl gray over frosty luster.
Buffalo Nickel39591926SNGCAU534728488-0061995A series key and a choice, sharply struck example. Toned in soft steel gray over subdued satiny luster. Far above average detail for this date and mint.
Buffalo Nickel39621927SPCGSMS64138496343450PQ. Claims to MS-65. Exceptionally well struck. Satiny mint bloom is toned in golden hues.
Buffalo Nickel39631928NGCMS654728488-002289PQ. Blazing mint bloom and brilliance. Blast white luster over well defined design elements.
Buffalo Nickel39841938DMS6428Satiny luster. Sharp.
Buffalo Nickel39841938DMS64+32Full mint bloom is toned in gold hues. Razor sharp strike
Jefferson Nickel40041939PCGSAU5524962096235Doubled Monticello. Lustrous. Toned in soft gold hues.
Draped Bust Half Dime42701803PCGSVF30364286868995LM-1 Rarity-6. Sm 8. The only variety for the year with the Small 8 in the date. It is believed only 25-30 pieces exist of this variety. Medium gray toning throughout. Extremely well struck, but a little rough on the surfaces. A prized rarity for the astute collector and variety specialist.
Capped Bust Half Dime42771830PCGSMS6234416106559LM-4.1 Blazing frosty white luster over well defined devicester is present over well defined devices.
Capped Bust Half Dime42801833PCIVF201521404899Rich electric blue and gold toning grace well struck motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dime42841835PCGSAU5537065646310Sm Date; Lg 5c. Frosty white luster. Nice strike. Pleasing type set addition.
Capped Bust Half Dime42841835NGCAU584482028-005349Sm Date; Lg 5c. Wisps of gold toning grace lustrous fields. Frosty accents. Eye appealing.
Capped Bust Half Dime42841835NGCMS612682647-004CAC519Sm Date; Lg 5c. CAC stickered. Deep iridescent toning accents satiny smooth fields and sharp motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dime42821835NGCMS634729667-016895Lg Date; Lg 5c. What a beauty! Keenly struck design elements are surrounded by satiny fields toned in gorgeous electric blue and gold hues.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43171838PCGSEF4528333509139ND. Rich pearl gray toning over sharp motifs. Pleasing.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43201839OPCGSAU5582182801CAC549ND. CAC stickered. Tough to find in this nice condition. Toned in pretty iridescent hues over pearl gray fields. Sharp strike.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43271840OPCGSAU50332887601795Drapery. Advanced die state. Tough to find original and in better condition, like this piece. Toned in steel gray hues with gunmetal blue toning highlights. Lustorus fields accent well defined motifs. Pleasing.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43311842OPCGSVF3531497279439Underrated date. Pop of just 9 for the grade at PCGS. Toned in ice blue and gold highlights over pearl gray fields. Nice detail remains.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43421849/6PCGSMS6334972581CAC1675CAC. Pop 1 with a CAC sticker and one of just 10 pieces for the grade at PCGS and an issue you can never seem to find when you need one. Satinlike surfaces exhibit full mint bloom and luster. Bold motifs. Toned in lovely gold and pearl gray wisps.
Liberty Seated Half Dime1849/8VF20110Popular and scarce overdate. Toned in pearl gray hues. Bold strike.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43441849OPCGSVF3081765374425Scarce in all grades. Sharp details. Lightly toned. Pleasing.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43661857OPCGSAU5019513706169Lustrous and flashy. Toned in golden and pale orange hues. Sharp.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43681858PCGSAU5027557285315Inverted Date. Pop of just 4 for the grade at PCGS. A highly sought after issue. This example is highly lustrous with pretty golden overtones.
Liberty Seated Half Dime44381859PCGSPR636759835829One of just 800 pieces coined this year as a Proof. Richly toned in gunmetal and ice blue hues with accents of violet and gold. Sharp strike. A scratch at star 5 into the field is what keeps this coin from a higher grade classification.
Liberty Seated Half Dime43921868PCGSEF4033795845339Pop of just 10 for the grade at PCGS. Deep gold and ice blue toning create nice eye appeal. Frosty luster.
Liberty Seated Half Dime44001872MS63235Pleasing type set addition. Blazing brilliance. Well struck
Capped Bust Dime44871811/9PCGSVF2012117251CAC1550CAC stickered. Pretty fiery orange and gold toning highlights grace soft silver gray fields. Bold strike. Late die state with heavier than normal diecracks throughout. One wonders how this die held together! Cool date and variety. Cherry example.
Capped Bust Dime44941820PCGSF1537972063489JR-1 STATES OF variety. Popular as such. Looks VF. Even steel gray toning over well preserved surfaces. Sharp details.
Capped Bust Dime44921820VF20249Lg O. A lovely, frosty example with wisps of gold over silver gray fields. Sharp, well centered design details.
Capped Bust Dime388271829EF40275Tinges of halo toning accent well struck motifs and frosty surfaces.
Seated Liberty Dime46101856EF40175LD. Bold motifs are surrounded by gunmetal blue toned fields graced by fiery orange highlights.
Seated Liberty Dime46101856EF45189LD. Satiny luster is toned in pearl gray hues. Sharp motifs.
Seated Liberty Dime46201859Ovf304827096-07159Frosty with soft gray toning. Sharp.
Seated Liberty Dime46221860SPCGSEF4537247733CAC789CAC stickered and a pop of only 2 coins with the green bean for the grade! PQ. Claims to AU. Terrific, bold strike, tons of luster and gorgeous rainbow toning.
Seated Liberty Dime46481868SEF40469A tough date to find in any grade. Sharp motifs are accented by steel gray fields.
Seated Liberty Dime46671873SAU50449Arrows. Probably lightly dipped long ago, but luster still remains and is lightly toned. Sharp design elements. Popular and scarce issue.
Seated Liberty Dime46671873SPCGSAU58Details37247734645Housed in a PCGS genuine holder labled as cleaned AU detail. Outstanding strike. Lots of luster remains. Lightly toned. Tough date in all grades.
Seated Liberty Dime47061891AU5889Terrific iridescent toning over highly lustrous fields.
Barber Dime47971892OAU5080Frosty luster. Sharp.
Barber Dime48021893SPCGSMS63+36046988CAC1125CAC stickered. Blazing white luster and frost are present over satiny mint bloom and luster. Terrific strike and eye appeal. This coin has it all!
Barber Dime48091896NGCMS624844622-007275An underrated Philadelphia Mint issue that does not get enough press! Blast white, satinlike luster. Sharp strike.
Barber Dime48121897PCGSMS6381775525190Beautiful pastel rainbow toning. Frosty luster.
Barber Dime48131897OF12250Sharp details. Lightly toned. Better date.
Barber Dime48151898AU5885Blazing brilliance. Sharp.
Barber Dime48161898OPCGSVF2036135797145Original, pearl gray toning over sharp details.
Barber Dime48201899SPCGSMS6337932176895Tough, underrated date. Blazing brilliance is graced by champagne gold overtones. Bold strike.
Barber Dime48271902NGCMS631821715-032165Wisps of pale orange and gold toning grace satiny luster. Sharp strike.
Barber Dime48281902OPCGSMS65353459742875Gorgeous pastel toning accents frosty fields and keenly defined motifs. Great quality and eye appeal. Better date.
Barber Dime48291902SAU55199Dazzling mint bloom and luster graces well struck motifs. Better date.
Barber Dime948361905OPCGSAU5018722640995Micro O. A tough issue to find in all grades. This example is well struck with satiny surfaces toned in pearl gray and gold hues. Nice.
Barber Dime48491908SPCGSAU5320242262189Pretty pastel iridescent toning graces lustrous fields and sharp motifs.
Barber Dime48621912SPCGSMS6335429006299From the John Whitney Walter Collection. Flashy cartwheel luster surrounds bold motifs. Lightly toned. Nice.
Barber Dime48671914SEF4549Bold strike. Golden overtones.
Mercury Dime49061916DPCGSVF20121288323550Super clean fields which are devoid of contact marks or spots. Shapr motifs are surrounded by soft pearl gray surfaces. Choice in every way.
Mercury Dime49061916DPCGSMS62FB355637312250FB. Lovely satinlike mint bloom and luster are present over very clean, well preserved surfaces and sharply struck motifs. Terrific eye appeal. Toned in blushes of gold and pale orange. Superb! From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime49231919PCGSMS65FB36546610725FB. Pretty toning graces satinlike luster. Bold motifs.
Mercury Dime49391923PCGSMS66FB35725656429FB. Tinges of light gold toning accent lustrous fields. Bold strike. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime49411923SPCGSMS64FB357256572195FB. A very tough issue to find Full Bands. This coin is gorgeous! Toned in fiery golden overtones over dazzling mint bloom and luster. Super, crisp strike. Sure to delight the new owner. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime49451924DPCGSMS63FB26955001595FB. Flashy mint bloom and luster grace well struck motifs. Wisps of gold add to the overall eye appeal.
Mercury Dime49551926NGCMS64FB47288803-015175FB. Blast white. Sharp strike.
Mercury Dime49751929DNGCMS65FB4728803-014199FB. Satiny mint bloom. Keenly struck. White.
Mercury Dime49991936PCGSMS66FB83137705129FB. Pretty gold toning graces highly lustrous fields. Sharp strike. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50011936DPCGSMS65FB21375552239FB. Dazzling white luster. Sharp. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50031936SNGCMS65FB3022552-00399FB. Satiny white luster. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50051937NGCMS66FB4697193-00549FB. Blast white. Tons of luster. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50071937DPCGSMS66FB5559960139FB. Blazing mint bloom and luster. White. Sharp strike. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50081937SNGCMS664539735-00285Clean, white fields. Lustrous. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50131938DPCGSMS66FB21629283100FB. Tinges of gold toning grace satinlike, highly lustrous fields. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50161939PCGSMS663639817140Satiny luster over immaculate surfaces. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50191939DPCGSMS65FB3457428640FB. Bold motifs. White . From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50271940SNGCMS65FB2054170-09790FB. Dazzling mint bloom. White. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50311941DPCGSMS66FB7001526550FB. Bold details. White and lustrous. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50321941SNGCMS661819921-03838Highly lustrous. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50351942PCGSMS67FB35883293259FB. A cherry example of the date. Wisps of champagne gold toning accent lustrous fields. Bold strike. From the Zephyrs Collection
Mercury Dime50361942/1PCGSAU55357256721095Frosty accents grace satinlike fields toned in gold and soft silver gray. Bold strike and overdate. A popular issue in the series. From the Zephyrs Collection
Mercury Dime50361942/1NGCAU58622188-0031425Extremely lustrous and sharply struck. Toned in soft golden hues throughout. Great eye appeal and quality.
Mercury Dime50391942DPCGSMS65FB3537515338FB. Frosty white. From the Zephyrs Collection
Mercury Dime50401942/1DPCGSAU5335725671895Very clean and devoid of marks. Flashy cartwheel luster is enhanced by golden overtones. From the Zephyrs Collection
Mercury Dime50451943PCGSMS66FB131440050FB. Flashy white luster. Sharp strike. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50471943DPCGSMS65FB219047237FB. First generation rattler holder. Flashy luster. Light golden overtones. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50481943SPCGSMS64585140815Lustrous and sharp. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50511944NGCMS65FB4556212-00469FB. Blazing white. Sharp.
Mercury Dime50551944SPCGSMS66FB774075659FB. Satiny white luster. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50561945NGCMS66604233-07730Bold strike. White. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50591945DPCGSMS65FB985984738FB. Frosty luster. Sharp strike. From the Zephyrs Collection.
Mercury Dime50621945SPCGSMS6619949330149Micro S. Pretty halo toning over satiny luster. Sharp details. From the Zephyrs Collection
Twenty Cent Piece853031875PCGSPR62CAMEO117582632250CAMEO. Pop of just 7 for the grade and designation. What a radiant beauty with gorgeous electric blue halo toning accenting mirrored fields. Frosty, well struck motifs. Lovely!
Twenty Cent Piece52981875SPCGSAU5337253929379Frosty mint bloom accents boldly struck motifs. Looks undergraded to us. Brilliant.
Capped Bust Quarter53551836PCGSAU58819743411475What a fantastic, original beauty! Steel gray toning is present over heavily frosted surface with original mint bloom. Bold strike. Perfect type set addition.
Capped Bust Quarter53571838EF40+Richly toned in pearl gray and fiery golden orange hues over frosty fields. Needle sharp details.
Seated Liberty Quarter53931840OPCGSVF3029921568249ND. Such a pleasing, original piece with even steel gray toning over well preserved fields and sharp devices. Scarce.
Seated Liberty Quarter54051843OPCGSVF3582944415595Frosty luster is accented by a halo of pale orange toning. Terrific strike. Scarce issue and a very attractive example.
Seated Liberty Quarter54061844EF45159Lustrous surfaces are toned in golden and fiery orange hues over steel gray. Sharp.
Seated Liberty Quarter54181851OPCGSVF35353192332075PQ. Such a wholesome and eye appealing example of this exceedingly scarce issue. One of just two coins at PCGS for the grade. Sharply defined design details. Hurry, she's a beauty!
Seated Liberty Quarter54351855EF45+169Arrows. Scarcer than it seems it would be. Toned in rich gold and pearl gray hues. Frosty luster throughout.
Seated Liberty Quarter54391856ONGCVF254671513-082145Even pearl gray toning over sharp motifs and clean, well preserved fields.
Seated Liberty Quarter54391856ONGCAU554909740-004689Highly lustrous fields are toned in golden and orange sherbert colored hues. Great strike and eye appeal. Scarce.
Seated Liberty Quarter54461858ONGCEF404233615-019269Frosty luster over clean fields. Sharp strike.
Seated Liberty Quarter54491859ONGCF124671513-08399Pearl gray toning. Bold details for the grade. Popular New Orleans Mint issue.
Seated Liberty Quarter54511860PCGSVF353486636795Pretty concentric rings of electric blue and gold obverse toning. Pearl gray throughout. Sharp motifs.
Seated Liberty Quarter54521860OEF45+319Better date. Very sharp motifs. Rich, steel gray toning. Nice.
Seated Liberty Quarter55021876CCVF35150Pearl gray toning over frosty luster. Sharp.
Seated Liberty Quarter55021876CCEF40+190Original, frosty fields are toned in soft gray hues.
Seated Liberty Quarter55051877CCVF25125Lightly toned, lustrous surfaces. Sharp.
Seated Liberty Quarter855921891PCGSPR65CAM347414662250Resplendent, deeply mirrored fields are a lovely black and white contrast to heavily frosted, razor sharp motifs. Wow, what a beauty!
Barber Quarter56041893MS63449Blazing brilliance over satinlike fields. Bold motifs.
Barber Quarter56041893MS63449Wisps of gold toning accent dazzling fields which are blast white. Sharp.
Barber Quarter56141896OPCGSF1526017205239PQ. Tough to find original and nice. This coin is both, sporting rich pearl gray toning over sharp design details.
Barber Quarter56221899AU55159Pretty pastel toning over satiny smooth fields. Sharp.
Barber Quarter56261900ONGCMS611885087-008719One of just 5 coins graded MS-61 at NGC and PCGS combined! Very underrated and highly sought after date. Razor sharp motifs are surrounded by lustrous fields toned in halo hues of light to medium gray and gold.
Barber Quarter856871901NGCPR66+4471094-020CAC2695CAMEO. CAC Stickered. Wow, what eye appeal. Radiant, highly mirrored fields are toned in gorgeoues electric blue, gold and rose hues. Fantastic quality. This coin has it all!
Barber Quarter56291901OVF35579Tough date. Sharp design elements are surrounded by soft silver gray fields.
Barber Quarter56321902OAU55369Lightly cleaned at one time, but still eye appealing with halo pastel iridescent toning accenting lustrous fields. Keenly struck. Very scarce.
Barber Quarter56551909OG450Scarce. Full rims. Steel gray color
Barber Quarter56631912SVG1029Sharp details. Rich gray toning.
Barber Quarter56661913SF12376310564695A wholesome, well struck, softly toned example of this key date issue. Strong design element details remain. A prize for the collector who needs a nice middle grade piece to add to their collection.
Barber Quarter56701915NGCMS624844622-058300Satiny white luster. Sharp strike
Barber Quarter56721915SF1569Bold details. Soft gray fields.
Barber Quarter56721915SNGCMS614844626-001315Looks nicer than the assigned. Very flashy. Blast white.
Standing Liberty Quarter57261918/7SPCGSVF2060177955CAC4495CAC stickered. PQ. Wow, what a looker! Fabulous, soft steel gray fields are original and well preserved. The design details are well struck and there are traces of residual luster In the protected areas. Exceptional quality for the grade.
Standing Liberty Quarter57241918SMS63359Dazzling cartwheel luster and flash. Toned in lovely golden hues. Sharp strike. Strong head detail.
Standing Liberty Quarter57301919DNGCVF35455491-014499Bold date and design details. Frosty white luster. Very choice. Tough to find fully struck like this piece.
Standing Liberty Quarter57301919DVF35499Sharp strike with full date. Toned in pearl gray hues. Original and nice.
Standing Liberty Quarter57361920DNGCAU581726828-001519A flashy, lustrous, sharp and eye appealing example of this tough issue.
Standing Liberty Quarter57381920SNGCMS644728803-041CAC1349CAC stickered. Flashy mint bloom and luster grace satiny surfaces. Toned in pretty wisps of gold. Very choice.
Standing Liberty Quarter57401921PCGSAU53331547917CAC1095CAC stickered. Really nice for the grade. Great strike with a bold date. Frosty luster is enhanced by soft golden toning. Choice in every way.
Standing Liberty Quarter57401921NGCAU582501145-0041195Keenly struck and very lustrous with frosty mint bloom throughout. Soft champagne gold toning throughout.
Standing Liberty Quarter57581926SAU50179Flashy mint bloom and luster. Wisps of light gold toning add to the eye appeal. Sharp.
Standing Liberty Quarter57581926SAU55275Very sharp strike. Lustrous. Lightly toned.
Standing Liberty Quarter57621927DNGCMS654728803-043595PQ. Very well struck. Flsahy cartwheel luster and mint brilliance. White.
Standing Liberty Quarter57641927SPCGSAU50355039672050A key date in the series. This example has great eye appeal. Satiny, lustrous, blast white fields complement sharp motifs and are enhanced by fiery orange peripheral toning.
Standing Liberty Quarter57721929NGCAU581702314-007100Satiny luster over blast white fields. Sharp.
Standing Liberty Quarter57741929DAU5059Satiny luster. Lightly toned. Sharp.
Standing Liberty Quarter57781930AU5889Deep cartwheel luster over satiny fields. Lightly toned.
Standing Liberty Quarter57781930Au5889Frosty mint bloom is toned in gold and pearl gray hues. Original.
Capped Bust Half Dollar393571807PCGSVF2036678072CAC3995CAC stickered and the only one for the grade! O-113b Bearded Goddess. Large Stars 50/20. The is the real mccoy--with the large, complete break connnecting the chin to the bust and up through Liberty's eye to the cap. One of the nicest we have handled for the grade in quite some time. Very well defined everywhere, except for the typical weakness of the left wing. Soft steel gray toning throughout. A small scratch is noted in the left obverse field. A prize for the astute collector
Capped Bust Half Dollar393801809PCGSVF3029757216695O-102 XXX Edge. Lustrous fields are accented by soft steel gray overtones and wisps of iridescent toning. Typical weakness at the eagle's left wing. Sharp, otherwise.
Capped Bust Half Dollar394111810PCGSEF4014755335379O-105. Terrific strike. Frosty luster is toned in pearl gray and gold hues. Nice eye appeal and quality.
Capped Bust Half Dollar394211811/10PCGSVF3013564342459O-101. Claims to EF. Very sharp design elements details on both sides. Rich pearl gray toning with ice blue and gold accents. Really nice.
Capped Bust Half Dollar394241811PCGSVF2581363222235O-103a. Lg 8. Clean, steel gray surfaces are graced by pretty ice blue toning highlights. Great eye appeal.
Capped Bust Half Dollar394261811PCGSVF3511440723369O-104a. Lg 8. Lots of luster throughout. Toned in gold, rose and sky blue hues over steel gray surfaces. Sharp motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dollar394561812PCGSVF2019924142210O-109a. Sharp strike. Toned in pearl gray and gold hues.
Capped Bust Half Dollar61081815/2PCGSVF35840121074795A series key and a vey well struck example. Toned in deep, even, steel gray hues. Free of any surface issues--just a hint of wear on the high points. Sure to please.
Capped Bust Half Dollar61111817/3PCGSEF40366637731450A date you don't encounter every day, especially not when it looks like this great coin. Bold motifs are surrounded by frosty fields toned in wisps of soft gray gold and electric blue. What a beauty!
Capped Bust Half Dollar395411818/7PCGSVF2582693817259O-101a. Lg 8. Soft gold and pearl gray toning accents clean fields and well struck motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dollar395561819/8PCGSVF3036248071275O-102. Lg 9. Terrific quality and eye appeal. Great strike. Rich, even, steel gray toning throughout over choice surfaces.
Capped Bust Half Dollar61181819/8ANACSEF452457892500A tough and popular overdate with satiny fields sporting pearl gray toning with iridescent highlights. Sharp strike.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396051822/1PCGSVF3030341454349O-102. Popular overdate. Pleasing gunmetal blue and gray toning accent well defined design elements.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396061823PCGSVF3029438127169O-103. Pleasing, lightly toned fields surround sharp devices.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396111823PCGSEF4033351295275O-107. Original. Frosty fields are toned in gold and steel gray hues. Keenly struck.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396181823PCGSVF3080680344179O-112. Frosty fields are toned in light to medium gray hues. Bold motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396251824PCGSVF308516727119O-105. So close to EF. Superb design element detail--especially for the assigned grade. Light steel gray overtones.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396251824PCGSVF208351069789O-105. Nice strike. Deep, pearl gray overtones. Clean fields.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396291824PCGSVF3030589495119O-108. Mostly brilliant with a trace of gold toning around the periphery. Well preserved surfaces.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396371824PCGSAU5821982141819O-115. Really pretty. Tons of mint bloom and cartwheel luster grace satinlike surfaces enhanced by a tinge of halo toning in pale orange and gold hues.
Capped Bust Half Dollar396541825PCGSVF253051646889O-107. Sharp detail for the grade. Mostly brilliant with wisps of light toning.
Capped Bust Half Dollar397041827PCGSVF3028680812199O-111. R-4. Sq Base 2. Should have graded at least VF-35. The detail of an EF graded piece, just not quite enough luster. Better variety. Toned in pearl gray hues. Nice.
Capped Bust Half Dollar397041827PCGSEF4015794426289O-111. R-4. Sq Base 2. Subdued frosty luster is toned in soft gray hues with wisps of blue. Great, bold strike.
Capped Bust Half Dollar397201827PCGSVF2083668383399O-122. R-5. Sq Base 2. Tough variety and a pleasing example sporting a trace of luster and some light toning. Sharp design details.
Capped Bust Half Dollar397311827PCGSVF3527538355165O-132. Sq Base 2. Should have graded EF, since it is! Flashy luster is enhanced by champagne gold overtones. Bold strike.
Capped Bust Half Dollar397311827PCGSAU5530624764489O-132. Sq Base 2. Great eye appeal. Flashy cartweel luster accents clean fields. Halo toning adds to the overall eye appeal.
Capped Bust Half Dollar61541829NGCMS623457938-0011300Deep mint bloom and luster are toned in incredibly vibrant and pretty electric blue, rose and fiery orange hues.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398441831PCGSAU5530725908399O-108. Frosty cartwheel luster is toned in pearl gray hues with fiery golden orange accents. Nice.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398831832PCGSVF303051318589O-122. SL. Iridescent toning. Sharp strike. Looks EF.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398641832PCGSEF401078063149O-106. SL. A fresh, original piece that would make a nice addition to a type set. Bold motifs. Rich pearl gray and gold toning.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398831832PCGSEF4081262718149O-122. SL. Pearl gray toning accents satiny smooth surfaces. Sharp motifs.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398651832PCGSEF4527549210199O-107. Satiny mint bloom is toned in even, steel gray toning. Keenly struck design elements.
Capped Bust Half Dollar398641832PCGSAU5029757225339O-106. SL. Gorgeous pastel rainbow toning over highly lustrous fields. Sharp strike. Lovely.
Capped Bust Half Dollar399021833PCGSEF4024260648149O-113. Original and highly lustrous. Well struck. Toned in soft gray and gold hues.
Capped Bust Half Dollar399671836PCGSVF3528081995195O-106a. Beaded Reverse. Soft silver gray toning accents satiny fields and sharply defined devices.
Capped Bust Half Dollar399591836PCGSVF251974134689O-112. LE. Gunmetal blue accents grace pearl gray surfaces. Sharp strike.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62301839PCGSEF45180195862075ND. So close to AU. There is a ton of luster on this coin and very strong design element details. Wisps of golden toning add to the eye appeal. Tough first year issue.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62371841ONGCVF254827096-075179Nicely preserved New Orleans Mint issue. Soft steel gray toning accents clean fields and sharp motifs.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62461844ONGCEF454355189-010365WB-16. Lg O. Repunched 4. Steel gray and gold toning grace frosty luster and bold motifs.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62501845OVF35349ND. Lustrous fields are toned in fiery golden orange hues. Sharp details. Elusive variety.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62551846OPCGSAU5010050793579WB-19. Frosty, well struck and blast white. Nice.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62551846OICGEF401687730101239Lustrous and attractively toned in rainbow hues around the border. Sharp details.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62611848OEF45+369Really well struck. Lightly toned over frosty luster. Better date.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62611848OANACSAU534914140479Better date. Subdued satiny luster is toned in steel gray, ice blue and gold hues.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62881856OAU50+289Lustrous fields are toned in lovely rainbow hues. Sharp strike.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar62951858SPCGSEF4085183421359Underrated date and a choice example with exceptionally well struck motifs surrounded by lustrous fields. Lightly toned.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63031861OVF35229Sharp motifs. Scattered bag mark in the reverse shield. Even steel gray toning.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63101863SNGCVG104672075-06799Pleasing for the grade. Nice detail remains. Lightly toned.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63101863SEF40295Sharp motifs. Soft silver gray fields are lustrous and free of distractions.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63121864SEF40279Cleaned at one time. Deep pearl gray toned fields are accented by electric blue and rose overtones. Sharp.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63291870SNGCVG84671513-104105Tough date. Original with pearl gray toning over clean fields.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63361873VF25135No Arr. Cl 3. Sharp. Soft steel gray toning.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63431873PCGSAU5883939146750Arrows. Gorgeous, frosty mint bloom and luster are present over satiny smooth surfaces. Needle sharp strike. Blast white.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63441873CCPCGSEF40Details37247735Arrows1300Arrows. Housed in a PCGS Genuine holder due to cleaning. Listed as EF detail. Very well struck. Sought after in all grades. Looks more EF-45 than 40 based on the definition. Toned in soft rainbow hues on the obverse and gunmetal blue on the reverse.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63551877NGCVF354671526-020110Frosty soft silver gray fields accent sharp motifs.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63551877NGCEF454671526-022179Pleasing, original piece for a type set. Toned in light gray hues over frosty fields. Sharp strike.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63611879NGCVF304705555-001779Pop of just 4 for the grade at NGC. Tough, low mintage issue. This exmaple is a pleasing, softly toned piece with sharp design details. Devoid of unsightly marks or scratches. Very choice.
Seated Liberty Half Dollar63701888PCGSVF2527869137695One of just 11,169 business strikes coined this year. Hard to find in attractive circulated grades. This example is totally original with even steel gray overtones. Nice detail remains.
Barber Half Dollar64621892SVG10349Full rims. Pleasing soft silver gray toning. Better date.
Barber Half Dollar64691894OF15125Nearly VF detail. Lightly cleaned at one time but toned back in pleasing soft fiery orange halo toning.
Barber Half Dollar64761896SF12+259Scarce date and a lovely example with sharp motifs surrounded by original, pearl gray fields
Barber Half Dollar64771897EF45+245So close to AU overall--just not quite enough frosty luster. Sharp strike. Richly toned.
Barber Half Dollar64861900PCGSAU5032799937295Flashy luster. Sharp motifs. Toned in pearl gray hues with fiery golden orange accents.
Barber Half Dollar64861900ICGAU586470061801489Original and eye appealing with pearl gray and gold toning accenting satiny luster and full mint bloom. Sharp strike.
Barber Half Dollar64921902PCGSMS6280451065595PQ. Clean cheek and fields. Satiny mint bloom is toned in soft gray and gold hues. Bold strike.
Barber Half Dollar64961903OVF25165Pearl gray toning over bold motifs. Better date.
Barber Half Dollar65091907DPCGSAU555741427389Gorgeous, vibrant toning. Sharp strike and flashy luster
Barber Half Dollar65131908OPCGSAU5037247736350PQ. Frosty luster. Bold strike. Richly toned.
Barber Half Dollar65161909EF45210Satiny luster is toned in gold and soft gray hues. Nice detail.
Barber Half Dollar65171909OPCGSAU5312976985699Outstanding strike. Better date. Frosty luster throughout.
Barber Half Dollar65201910SVF25149Original, steel gray fields suround sharp motifs.
Barber Half Dollar65251912DNGCAU584844626-049459Blast white over satiny luster and sharp motifs.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65661916PCGSVF2035924663189Popular first year issue and a nice example with steel gray toning throughout. Sharp motifs.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65661916MS63639Dazzling brilliance and cartwheel luster over satinlike fields. Bold strike. Blast white. Nice.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65751918DPCGSMS62824589821875Lovely, full mint bloom and satiny smooth luster grace clean surfaces and nicely struck motifs. Wisps of champagne gold round out the aesthetic appeal.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65761918SEF45135Sharp strike. Lustrous.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65781919DNGCVF204672075-079339A great strike on a notoriously weak date. Toned in soft silver gray hues. Nice.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65781919DPCGSVF3529447623CAC795CAC stickered. What an awesome example of this elusive issue. Fully struck and totally original with soft silver gray surfaces which are remarkably devoid of marks or problems. A prize for the fussy collector.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65791919SNGCVF253416139-011359Clean fields. Sharp motifs. Lightly toned.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65851921SPCGSVF3537247737CAC2995CAC stickered. If you are a quality hound, I challenge you to find a nicer example of this key date for the grade! Absolutely superb, soft silver gray fields exhibit luster and surround keenly struck motifs. Should have graded EF-40. A prize for the fussiest of collectors!
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65871927SPCGSMS6237666035CAC2050CAC stickered. Fabulous eye appeal. Frosty cartwheel luster is present over flashy fields. Bold strike. Gorgeous light halo toning.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65881928SVF35165Well struck. Lightly toned.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65881928SNGCAU581475Frosty brilliance and luster. Keenly struck. Popular and desirable issue, especially in this grade.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65891929DAU50+249Blazing luster over satiny smooth surfaces. Sharp.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65901929SEF40119Frosty luster. Lightly toned.
Walking Liberty Half Dollar65911933SEF45129Bold details. Soft gray fields.
Draped Bust Dollar68731798ANACSF1526915001695HE. The perfect type set addition. This coin has well defined design elements, perfect, problem-free, even, steel gray fields and great eye appeal. A prize for the fussy collector.
Draped Bust Dollar68921800PCGSG6219116901375AMERICAI variety. One of just two for the grade at PCGS. Looks more VG than Good. Nice detail remains. Clean fields are toned in soft golden and steel gray hues.
Draped Bust Dollar68891800PCGSVF25210656272395Dotted Date. A fabulous, eye appealing, well struck example of this popular variety. Toned in even, pearl gray hues. No adjustment marks. Lovely.
Liberty Seated Dollar69261840EF40895What a beauty! Such a tough date to find nice and this coin is sure to please. Well struck, frosty motifs are surrounded by lustrous fields toned in light iridescent and pearl gray hues.
Liberty Seated Dollar69461859EF451050A well struck, lustrous and attractively toned example of this low mintage issue. Much nicer than most.
Trade Dollar70471878CCPCGSVF35274867173250A tough and key date in the series and highly sought after by collectors. Toned in gunmetal blue and gray toning over lustrous fields. Very well struck.
Trade Dollar70481878SAU58+695Gorgeous deep rainbow toning is present over highly lustrous and flashy surfaces. Bold strike. Gorgeous type set addition.
Trade Dollar970621882NGCPR60Ultra Cam4828793-0232825Ultra Cameo. Save for a few minor hairlines, this coin would be in a PR-63 Ultra Cameo holder. Incredible contrast between heavily frosted, needle sharp motifs and deeply mirrored fields. A splash of gold reverse toning is noted.
Morgan Dollar70861879CCPCGSF1226594999229Normal MM. Original, soft pearl gray fields. Clean face and fields. Great eye appeal.
Morgan Dollar71801887SPCGSAU553033231565Pretty golden toning accents highly lustrous fields. Sharp.
Morgan Dollar71981890CCNGCAU552625058-002289Bold strike. Frosty luster. Flashy fields. Nice eye appeal.
Morgan Dollar72061891CCPCGSMS6137950221479Original, frosty surfaces are toned in steel gray and gold hues. Nice.
Morgan Dollar72181892SPCGSVF3525192840189Original and choice. Well struck. Toned in pearl gray hues.
Morgan Dollar72221893CCPCGSF1231327392300Better date and a choice example with strong details and soft gray overtones.
Morgan Dollar72301894OPCGSAU5337313478199Frosty luster. Bold strike.
Morgan Dollar72361895OPCGSVF3511440098CAC369CAC stickered. Terrific, bold strike. Richly toned in steel gray hues. Clean fields.
Morgan Dollar72421896OPCGSAU5382224724145Frosty, sharp and eye appealing. Tinges of halo gold tone add to the appeal.
Morgan Dollar72441896SPCGSEF4037920312279Frosty mint bloom is graced by soft silver gray overtones. Sharp detaisllp details.
Morgan Dollar72621899SPCGSAU5535963173229Dazzling cartwheel luster. Sharp.
Morgan Dollar72761901SPCGSAU5829505306359Better date. Frosty luster is present over sharp devices. Light golden overtones.
Morgan Dollar72821902SPCGSEF4535288505219Better date and a pleasing, frosty example with sharp detail. Lightly toned.
Morgan Dollar72881903SNGCVF303573025-014270Popular San Francisco Mint issue. Scarce. Toned in pearl gray hues. Rim dig above D of UNITED.
Morgan Dollar72881903SPCGSAU53367921642095So fresh and original with frosty cartwheel luster and mint bloom accenting well struck motifs and clean fields. Soft golden and pearl gray overtones. Wow!
Peace Dollar73641924SPCGSMS6433841408CAC2095CAC stickered. PQ. Dazzling brilliiance and luster. Sharp strike.
Peace Dollar73661925SPCGSMS6383280557249Better than average strike for the issue. Flashy cartwheel luster over satiny fields. Wisps of light halo toning.
Peace Dollar73661925SPCGSMS6435763389725Blast white and frosty. Sharp design details.
Peace Dollar73681926DNGCMS631842840-010239Blazing brillance. Sharp strike. Nice.
Peace Dollar73691926SPCGSMS633275922495Clean fields and face. Blazing, satiny, white luster.
Peace Dollar73691927SPCGSMS6437477532CAC329CAC stickered. Blazing mint bloom and luster. Blast white. Sharp motifs.
Peace Dollar73701927PCGSMS6437477533379Frosty luster. Wisps of champagne gold toning. Sharp strike.
Peace Dollar73701927PCGSMS65377216771575Wisps of pale rose and gold toning add eye appeal to a the piece. Deep satinlike luster has a great cartwheel effect and accents sharp devices.
Peace Dollar73721927SPCGSMS64+255113451595Original and fresh with tons of mint bloom accenting well defined motifs. Wisps of light halo toning lend to the originality of the coin. Tough to find in lofty states of preservation.
Peace Dollar73761934DPCGSMS6283280561189Frosty mint bloom over clean fields. Sharp strike. Nice.
Peace Dollar73781935PCGSMS6337477535139Clean face and fields. Sharp. Light golden overtones.
Gold Dollar75581861PCGSAU5837909440395Popular Civil War date. Lustrous and sharp.
Quarter Eagle77821857PCGSVG1036731769315Pop 1 for the grade and really a nice looking coin with a ton of detail remaining. Very choice surfaces.
Quarter Eagle79421911PCGSMS6337689819CAC695CAC stickered. A better "sleeper" date in the series. This example is frosty, lustrous, and well struck
Quarter Eagle79491925DPCGSMS63+37992311539Super choice for the assigned grade. Tons of frost
Three Dollar Gold79981874PCGSAU58369176831289Bold strike. Lustrous and frosty. Nice type set addition
Half Eagle81311823PCGSMS60439242228995PQ. with a mintage of just 14,485 is super tough to find in any grade and it is estimated that only about 80-100 pieces are known in all grades. This piece has incredible frosty luster over razor sharp design details. Not a hint of wear anywhere. All that keeps this from an MS-62 or finer are some old-time hairlines in the fields. Incredible eye appeal and quality for the assigned grade. Just two MS-60 graded pieces exist.
Half Eagle85141909DPCGSMS6437809584CAC1950CAC stickered. What a beauty! Clean face and fields. Sharp motifs. Rich, orange peel toned yellow gold coloration. Pleasing in every way.
Eagle88841932PCGSMS64+36751719CAC1795CAC sitckered and a Plus sign! What a lovely piece. Deep mint bloom and luster are graced by orange peel highlights. Bold strike. Flashy cartwheel luster.
Double Eagle91421908PCGSMS6332026301650NM. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. Flashy cartwheel luster. Satiny surfaces. Sharp details.