Get the Best Price for Your Rare and Collectible Coins, Paper Money, and Gold or Silver Bullion


At Elizabeth Coggan Numismatics, LLC you can rely on 35 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to selling your coins. You’re also ensured that you’ll be working with an honest, knowledgeable expert you can trust.

Liz Coggan’s expertise was attained by working 35 years for two of the most well known, reputable companies in the rare coin business, Bowers and Merena Galleries and J.J. Teaparty, Inc. There she learned the options available for sellers to get the strongest coin prices.

Whether selling coins for an estate, to individual coin collectors, or for a financial institution, trust department, or law firm, you’re in good hands with Elizabeth Coggan Numismatics, LLC.

There are three major options for selling individual coins, coin collections, or estates. Sometimes a combination of options is best. We determine the best approach for each unique situation.

OUTRIGHT SALE of Your Coins, Paper Money, and Gold or Silver Bullion

You’ll get a cash offer for your items based on current market valuations, and receive a strong, competitive price on the spot, allowing for payment immediately. Elizabeth Coggan Numismatics, LLC has a sterling reputation for timely payment no matter the size of the deal.


You’ll work with Liz Coggan to price and advertise your coins on a consignment basis—with both of us on the same side of the transaction table since Liz works on a portion of the sale price. We’ll work together for the best price while selling the coins in a timely manner.

You’ll be paid monthly after the coins have passed the return privilege with the customer(s). This option allows you input as to how your coins are sold and for what price. You’ll benefit from Liz’s grasp on market conditions—she attends 15-20 coin shows yearly and has contributed pricing to “The Guide Book of United States Coinage” since 1999.


This option is best for coins and coin collections so special they need to be sold at public auction to obtain the highest exposure and price. Working with an auction house is complex, but with Liz Coggan as your broker you’ll avoid the hassle of negotiating directly with the auction house, you’ll benefit from her years of experience, and you’ll have someone looking out for your interests to get the best deal.

Elizabeth Coggan Numismatics, LLC will negotiate consignment agreement terms with the auction house, selected together based on their offerings, i.e., catalogue and advertising quality, sale timing, items being offered at the same time, location, and terms best for you, the consignor.

Be Sure to Visit Our Services Page. We provide verbal and written Appraisals for estates, individual coin collectors, banks, financial institutions, trust departments and law firms. We also Consult and Collaborate with other dealers.


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